Artist Statement & Bio

Aiko Designs | ethereal yet organic | simple yet sophisticated | elegant and beautiful

statement  |  The desire for my work is to express my fascination with creating something of beauty from something very simple.  I design with precious and semiprecious gemstones and metals and am driven by the joy of surprise at what’s possible. My multi-cultural heritage and upbringing have influenced how I see the world around me.  My aesthetic is a combination of opposites – simplicity and richness, ethereal and organic, strong and subtle. The designs I create are an expression of an inner desire for beauty and wanting to share that experience.

bio  |  Christine Aiko Beck was born in England and along with her many travels has lived in the U.S. and Japan. She has an undergraduate degree in geography and a master’s in library and information science. Mostly self taught in jewelry design, which became a passion while in graduate school, Christine continues to experiment with new techniques and mediums. She is inspired by traditional Japanese handicrafts, gemstones and nature. Her work has been included in exhibitions in the United States, Japan and Hong Kong.