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DEW by Kanako Hayakawa

I recently did an amazing show in Tokyo called Kira Kira. I was lucky to Kanako Hayakawa as a neighbor. I absolutely love her line of cast metal pieces called DEW.

I was so happy to go home with this pair of DEW by Kanako Hayakawa earrings…rose gold over sterling silver (I think they call this “pink gold” in Japan) with enamel. I absolutely love them!

Here is Kanako wearing more of her pieces from her Anima collection.



View more of Kanako’s work on her site: DEW by Kanako Hayakawa

Kira Kira Tokyo


at The 8th Gallery / CLASKA 8F

開催日 : 2013年10月23日(水)~28日(月)
開催期間 : 11:00〜20:00 ※23日のみ13時開始

Aiko Designs is participating in the KIRA KIRA Creative Group Exhibition in Tokyo!

October 23rd-28th from 11am-8pm at CLASKA in Meguro. Reception on October 26th from 3-10pm.

More details on participating artists coming up soon!


Tokyo food trucks in Yurakucho

Just back from a trip to Tokyo and I had the opportunity to check out the food trucks that set up in front of the International Forum building in Yurakucho.  These trucks are soooo tiny and yet so efficient.  It was fun just watching them do their thing.

Japanese Pho food truck

side view

Japanese Mexican Taco truck

Japanese Hawaiian food truck

Japanese Creperie truck

Yakisoba food truck

After walking by each truck several times, I decided on ebi-mayo-yakisoba. The chef in the truck had several eggs pre-cooked and waiting on a plastic lid, (I know sounds weird, but I had no worries that the food wasn’t fresh!) and once he stir-fried up the shrimp and noodles, he topped the dish with the egg.  It was tasty, fresh, fast and only 600 yen (about $7.00)!

Ebi-mayo yakisoba

lookit how tiny this truck is!

back of yakisoba truck

The Stone Circle at Camden Market Tokyo

More details on this weekend’s exhibition in Tokyo!  Additional artists now include Lady Higa (Kyoko Higa), designer for Boutique Nicole (who has made an appearance on America’s Next Top Model!).

Camden Market in Tokyo

I’ve extended my stay in Tokyo and am participating in a group show this weekend with Rukus and Rosa Ruga (and more) at a gallery space in Omotesando!  Here are the details:

July 17-18-19 from 11am to 7pm
Camden Market (in Omotesando)
#111 5-4-44 Minami-Aoyama Minato-ku Tokyo

Cafe Bossa | Sangenjaya, Tokyo

Aiko Designs is currently on exhibit (along with Rukus) at Cafe Bossa Sancha in Sangenjaya, Tokyo (sounds fancy, doesn’t it?). Cafe Bossa is a cute, teeny-tiny, bar/cafe/restaurant around the corner from the South-A exit of Sangenjaya Station. Here are some pics after setting up:

Design Festa day 2

Here are some more fun (and kawaii) findings from Design Festa:


Little creatures in little bottles — I think binkuma literally means bottle bear! See more at her site.


This is something out of an anime movie — a surreal city block in Tokyo made out of cardboard:

and some art being made on site…I didn’t get the name of the artist/s, but saw another artist doing similar work on a smaller scale – Akamatsu Naoki

Design Festa | Great Mushrooming 2

Design Festa is over and I have my mushroom lamp (so excited about this!), but I forgot to take a picture of Yukio’s (of Great Mushrooming) stump chairs. I’m including images from his site so you can see.

These stools were in his booth! So cool.

Also, my friend took a look at his blog and said he posted about my purchase of his lamp. He knew that I have to carry the lamp on a plane so spent hours making this box to package it up in (he was up til 3:00a.m. making this!). I’m so impressed.

Design Festa | Great Mushrooming

There are some interesting things at Design Festa. Mostly a lot of cutesy, crafty things that you would buy and wonder why you did a week later. Luckily, I found Yukio Takano (Great Mushrooming) and I’m going home with one of his pieces.

He makes mushroom lamps! Check out my new lamp:

it turns on by switching one of the mushroom pieces hanging off of the wood base. Genius!

Here are some of his other pieces and you can see more at his site.

Great Mushrooming

Design Festa day 1

I’m in Tokyo at the moment doing this large event called Design Festa. I’ve done a smaller event in Tokyo, so it’s interesting to get to do such a large event in Japan.

Here are some images from today.

Almost there…

I really think they meant to name it “Tokyo Big Site”

you get the picture — it’s a really, really big place!

Getting ready for the show. We arrived at 8:30am and the show went from 11:00am – 7:00pm. I’m sharing a table with Tommy (his English nickname) of Rukus…he’s a creative genius and his displays are always amazing.

My friend Noriko helped out a lot today — she’s an incredible sales person (lucky me!).

We were a bit crammed into our space and the air conditioning seemed to not be working, but I felt like we had some of the best jewelry there. We also had a few moments for some fun — like Tommy playing with his new toy (mobile phone strap toy — yes, they have large stuffed animals hanging from mobile phones in Japan!).