Greenland Group always regards the real estate industry as its core leading industry, forming a multifunctional product series integrated with ultra-high rise building, urban complex and industrial real estate, and leading the new demand of the times with exquisite internal and external quality.

Ultra-high Rise Building
Well-experienced in building ultra-high-rises and leading in project size and quality nationwide, Greenland Group constantly refreshes the city skyline with its corporate vision and becomes the leading operator in developing ultra-high-rises in China. There are currently 23 ultra-high-rise buildings completed or under construction by Greenland, four of which are among the top ten highest buildings in the world. All of them have become the new landmarks in different cities around the world.

Greenland Group focuses on developing a modern service complex that integrates housing, business, office, hotels, etc., and is dedicated to improving the urban landscapes of various regions and people’s standard of living.

In its participation in the urbanization process of various regions in China, Greenland Group has built round-the-clock vigorous new towns characterized by an integration of “ecological, industrial, dwelling and leisure” functions depending on its development capability and industry operation ability. It has created a new pattern which features a sound interaction between industrial development and urban development.