Born against the background of reform and opening up and striving against adversity, Greenland Group has returned a miracle with extraordinary development in the past 22 years. Under the concern and support of all sectors of the community, Greenland Group is among Fortune Global 500 for 3 consecutive years and leaving a mark of struggle and achievements in the new road of exploring reform and international development of the state-owned enterprises.

It is Greenland’s consistent development wisdom to forge ahead actively and follow the tide. The guarantee for its perpetual development is steady operation and scientific management. Through continuous innovation and transformation, we have established an industrial business model featuring “one super-strong strength plus diversified development”, given full play to the competitive advantage of the state-run system and market mechanism, and built the international brand and world elite teams to make our business evergreen.

The top level for enterprise competition is global competition, the route all large enterprises must take. Against the tide of economic globalization, we stick to the method of “independent management” to explore the large Chinese enterprises’ approaches to expanding their overseas market.

We have proved with successful practice that Chinese capital and Chinese brands are qualified enough to gain a share in the international market. Meanwhile, internationalizing practice is stimulating the rapid growth of Greenland Group in an all-dimensional way, which is moving toward the powerful global brand enterprise with further improved global resource allocation ability, initial formation of globalized industrial pattern, further optimized global managing and monitoring framework, establishment and upgrading of global elite teams and rapid growth as a global brand.

Sticking to the idea of “never stand still with complacency and work hard with an innovative spirit to race to the top”, we firmly believe that an enterprise which dares to have a dream and works hard to realize its dream can definitely create greater miracles. We are fully aware of our grand responsibilities and historical missions to become a global comprehensive operating enterprise of real estate development with a world-class scale and competitive power. In the future development, Greenlanders will keep passion with a pioneering spirit, creating dreams, realizing dreams and going beyond dreams, and aim to turn all the impossibilities possible and write a brand new splendid chapter for the future.